Monday, December 17, 2007

Christams Program

Yesterday at church was the Christmas program for the children. We were so nervous because of how Payten acted for the rehearsal. When we went to drop her off in the room were all the children were gathering she refused to go in. So finally I had to pick her up and carry her in. At first she wouldn't even let us leave but then someone brought over some games and she was fine. SO while she was distracted we left. When it came to the time when the kids were coming out we watched to see how she was going to act since her class was the first to go on stage to sing. She did great. Even though she didn't sing she at least stood on stage and didn't cry. At the end they brought all the children out to sing a few final songs. Again she went on and stood there. When they were leaving the stage she found us and came running. Scott took her back to the room for her to have treats with her classmates. We were so proud of her. It was her first program ever. The children did a great job.

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