Monday, December 17, 2007

3 year olds are wonderful

Well today was to be my cleaning day. So at 9 am I took the girls over to my girlfriends house to play while I came home and cleaned. It was nice to actually get some things done without having to stop every other min to deal with the girls. I got all the bathrooms cleaned and thats it. I picked up the girls at 11:30. We came home ate lunch then off to bed. Well Payten decided she was going to play instead of sleep, so I took her in my bed to lay down with me. I wasn't feeling too good. 30 mins after I fell asleep I woke up to the girls playing. That was fine with me. They could play in the platroom while I layed in bed. Yea right ! I forgot to shut the gate to the downstairs, do they decided to go down and play. So I was up out of bed and onto the couch. After a little bit Teagen comes over and wants juice, so I ask Payten to get it for me out of the fridge and she does. She brings it in and takes the lid off and even helps me pour it. After she puts it back in the fridge I asked her to get me a diaper for her sister. She goes to get it but then all the diapers fall out hte door so I went in to help her put them away. She is such a great helper when she wants to be. I actually can't wait to see how she is when we have a 3rd child in about 2-3 years. I know she will be in school but I think when she is home she will be a great little helper with the baby.

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Elizabeth F. said...

Your girls are soo good! Trust me, all our kids have their moments. he..he...You went on a major blogging-spree didn't ya? LOL! Well, good luck getting everything done and being ready for the in-laws who are coming tomorrow! Merry Christmas!