Monday, August 27, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys...

What in the heck do I do with my two boys all day long now that Zoe is gone? My house is so quiet. It's kinda sad, but I feel like my mothering is not complete when she is not here. I totally know that I could do all sorts of stuff with the boys, but Zoe is always so excited about life and our adventures together. The boys are lacking in that dept. So, it's not as much fun to "do" stuff with them. I feel bad saying that. When Zoe is around she carries her side of the conversation pretty well too! :-) Boy, I miss her and it's only the first day! I wonder if I should Homeschool??

Seriously though, if you have any ideas on something fun for me to do with the boys that is inexpensive...give me your ideas!

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OrganicMama said...

I'm sure you've worn out the library by there anything within like 30 minutes driving distance that would maybe be worth it? Museums, petting zoos, heck...sometimes I take Mary to PetSmart to walk around like a zoo on days when we just need some air! She loves it...especially if people are in there with their dogs...she loves dogs!