Monday, July 23, 2007

Coffee and My Thighs

Hey Coffee Queens,

Organic Mama here. Have to admit coffee is a lifesaver most weeks for me...or whatever else we end up getting into. Having you gals to pal around with makes me remember that I am a well-rounded person...not just a stay at home mom. Even though it is truly the toughest job I've ever had! And the best :O). I definitely need to start getting the skim latte thighs are quivering like quicksand. Wednesday this week...right?

-M. :O)


Katja from said...

I'm a total coffeholic, after treating myself a super nice Italian Automatic Espresso machine, my figure has gone pretty Full Bodied... I use skim milk, but still need the sugar...

Thank you for visiting my site and letting me know about your site!

Elizabeth F. said...

Hey, our first visitor! Yay! And if you guys have not gone to The Whole Family blog and clicked the link to Rocks In MY need to!Almost 500 give-aways last time I checked. Just leave a comment to enter on them. Lots of cool stuff and Starbucks Gift Cards too. LOL! This is the first ever Give-away of this magnitude.

P.S. We all love you Marg aka Organic Mama.